Drone Video Partners, LLC
Mission-focused, awe-inspiring aerial videography, photos and mapping

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Drone Video Partners, Inc. is an FAA certified provider of aerial videography and digital imaging services. Since 2014, we have worked with several highly-regarded organizations in the Washington, DC region including major players in the corporate real estate, construction, hospitality and entertainment industries. We offer unique expertise which combines online marketing prowess, awe-inspiring video production, and meticulous flight planning & execution.

Aerial Videography and Imagery

Just about anyone can learn to fly an unmanned aerial vehicle. To do so with precision, purpose, and creative flair is what distinguishes Drone Video Partners. If you need aerial video and images of a property, building, or site, contact us today.

Fully-Produced Videos

The marvelous perspectives offered by drone videography are literally changing the way we see the world. Drone Video Partners uses this footage to produce & edit videos that captivate the viewer and provide a breathtaking experience from vantage points above, around, and inside your property.

Freelance Film and TV Production

If you're a producer or director who demands high-end aerial footage, Drone Video Partners offers competitive rates for half-day and full day production support. Contact us and you'll know right away that we're not drone cowboys. We are fellow professionals, with high standards, who know how to execute your vision.

Drone Program Consulting

Thinking of creating an in-house drone program? There's much more to it than buying an unmanned aerial vehicle. Drone Video Partners provides expert advice so you're sure to consider all facets including safety, FAA regulations, equipment, training, and ROI models.

Responsible, safe flight is in our DNA!

1Before every mission, we conduct on-location scouting to both mitigate risk and block out every shot which will be made. This way, when it comes time to fly, we have a mission plan that fuses safe operations with predefined creative objectives.

2 Prior to arrival on-location, we research FAA restrictions which may be in effect as well as local regulations which may impact production. We also notify in advance all stakeholders, including local authorities and nearby residents that flight operations will be taking place.

3 While on-location, we conduct our flights with the precision of a general aviation pilot. Our standard operating procedures include a pre-flight crew briefing, use of a 25-point checklist which includes equipment checks, as well as safety and communications procedures.